Thursday, 24 April 2014

SALON REVIEW: Jones & Paynes.

I'm one of those girls who, if they get something in their head about their hair, acts on it immediately.  I was quite happy with ridiculously bad roots until one day when I realised it looked rubbish and so quickly booked an appointment at Jones and Payne.  My sister had been there before & liked the results, and it is coincidentally practically opposite my offices in Shoreditch - fate!

I wanted to get my roots blended in a little better with highlights, as well as a trim as the ends were looking like they needed some lovin'.  Here are some before & after pictures!

It's a subtle, but healthier transformation, I think you'll agree?  I had Charlotte Barlow do my colour - she used the balyage technique to softly blend highlights into my roots, followed by a toner on the ends of my hair to soften the platinum tones.  I then had Master Stylist Chris Sturdy trip my locks to look healthy but keeping length and making it more easy for me to style.  I must say, he was one of the only hairdressers which didn't cut TOO much of my hair off, for once.

The salon itself was lovely - there are cocktails for all (I had perhaps the most delicious strawberry belinni I've ever tasted).  It's a quirky little place, with lovely (and attractive!) staff and I would definitely visit again.

Have you ever been to Jones & Paynes?  Do you like the (small) change?


Sunday, 20 April 2014

MY PHOTOGRAPHY: Marcus Butler Merch!

Some of you may know that I have a degree in photography - it's one of my main passions and having studied it for three years at university it only deepened my love!  I'm super lucky now to have a job that (as well as incorporating my social media skillz) also allows me to be really creative and have some amazing opportunities.

Well, for the past couple of months at work I've been organizing a photoshoot for Marcus Butler's new merch!  I was the photographer on the shoot, which happened on Brighton Beach.  Modelling the range was obviously Marcus and his gorgeous girlfriend Niomi (who has just started her own channel here) as well as my beautiful blogger pal Olivia (blog here) and my actor friend Karl (who recently finished filming abroad for the new season of Game of Thrones!
See some of my favourite pictures below:

The merch itself is awesome; high quality and quriky designs (my favs are the grey Marky Butt Butt t-shirt and the black beanie) - the hoodie is also ridiculously soft and cosy inside.

You can see more pictures and purchase the products on the store here:

Do let me know what you think of my pictures!  I'm super proud of them and if you would like to see more, let me know as I've been doing a couple more shoots recently that I can show you!

Would you like to see more of my photography?

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Outfit of the Day: Tropical Surf!

It's got to that time of year where I start to feel super summery and always accidentally end up purchasing a whole new summer wardrobe to go along with my excitement.  There's something about it getting darker later (getting home from work at 7pm and it still being light outside is insane), paired with the slightly warmer weather & more outside activities that gives me so much joy.

One of my favourite places on the high street for a good quality, affordable wardrobe is New Look.  I can always, always without fail find things I like in the store and always end up splurging - from shoes (the best on the highstreet I reckon) to bags and tops, I adore it.  They've recently launched their new Tropical Surf range and so here is my inspired outfit!

I wore this look out for a nice walk around the park with my boyf last weekend and it was lovely.  The sun was shining and it even ended in a piggy-back ride (which was hilarious).

I chose a bright neon-pink/orange jumper for the look, which I have fallen in love with and can't stop wearing.  I'm normally a bit of a goth & wear black all the time and so this was a nice change.  I teamed it with some acid wash denim shorts, black sandals, a bright pink/orange satchel sandbag to match the jumper & a bandana (Andrew actually was the one that made me get this but I'm not gonna lie, I've been loving wearing it).

I adore this look and can not wait to attend picnics, BBQs and festivals sporting some of these items!
For all the latest trends and style inspiration visit

Do you love New Look too?  What's your favourite colour to wear in the summer?


Disclosure: Compensation was provided by New Look via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of New Look.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Holland & Barrett - Good Life MOT!

This is super geeky, but I admit it, I love Holland and Barrett (who doesn't love nuts & healthy beauty products all in one shop?).  Going into their stores is always a fun whilst out shopping and I have been known to spend far too long browsing their aisles for healthy treats.

They have recently launched their 'Good Life MOT' - you can pop into their stores and see one of their team who will then run your through a little survey to discuss your needs, lifestyle, diet and recommend you some ways to tackle any issues such as tiredness, headaches or even tips on healthy snacks.

I filled out the survery online and was sent this package of goodies based on my results.  After experimenting with the products I thought I'd let you know my thoughts!


It's quite obvious from the products they sent me that I'm a very tired person; it's one of my main annoyances and downfalls.  I am constantly tired no matter how much sleep I get which must have been apparent from my answers as I was sent a couple of lavender products to help aid sleep.

The Miaroma Lavender Massage Oil and Essential Oil have joined my nighttime regime to help relax me.  I add a few drops of the essential oil to my bath or on my duvet sheets to calm me right down, or manage to convince Andrew to give me a massage.

I am a nut fiend so I was happy to find almonds in the package.  I try to snack on nuts as much as possible throughout the day instead of chocolate and biscuits as they keep me full and make me feel so much healthier, ha.

I was given two tubs of vitamins which I've researched thoroughly.  Vitamin B-Complex helps your metabolism as well as reducing tiredness and fatigue (LOVE) and 1-lysine 1000mg are incredible if you're run down; they help incredibly well with ulcers and also help improve hair, skin and nails.  Now these would be incredible but I have a bit of a thing with swallowing pills and they are both hefty buggers which means I have to bite them in bits in order to swallow them.  If anyone knows of any vitamins which are good for people who can't swallow tablets - let me know!

Finally in the package was Dr Organic Vitamin E Pure Oil which I think was including as I suffer from eczema and dry skin.  This can be used anywhere on the body and helps to soothe dry skin, as well as wrinkles, scars and stretch marks!

You can read more about Holland and Barrett's Good Life MOT here.  I think it's a great idea if you're on a health kick and have some problems which you would like to try natural, herbal remedies for!

What are your favourite treats from Holland and Barrett? Do you suffer from tiredness and fatigue too?


Monday, 7 April 2014

REVIEW: La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo +

After all the buzz about Effaclar Duo last year, La Roche-Posay are back with Effaclar Duo +, containing all the benefits of the original plus more.
I'm sure you've heard all about this wonder product already but one more review doesn't hurt, right?

What I think: As well as targeting blemished and oily skin, Effaclar Duo + also helps to banish the dark marks that are left behind after a breakout.  The scarring that acne leavers behind is sometime worse than the actual spot myself in my opinion; Whilst spots usually last for a week, my scars can last up to two months which makes the skin look worse than it actually is and they are also sometimes hard to cover.
It's fab that they've catered for this skincare problem in an acne cream as sometimes this is forgotten about.  I've been using this morning and evening for a couple of weeks now and really like it.
After the initial breakout (which normally happens once I try new products) my skin is settling down and I have noticeably less visible red marks now which means it's a thumbs up from me.

This retails for £15.50, slightly more expensive than the original and is available in Boots stores now!  Will you be trying it?

Have you tried Effaclar Duo +?  What are your favourite products for blemished skin?


Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Sneak Peek: TRIANGL underwear

This isn't something I've ever posted on my blog before but I couldn't not share this beauty of an underwear set!  Triangl are becoming one of the most talked about bikini & underwear brands on social at the moment and it's no surprise, their products are stunning.

I was asked if I wanted set and after browsing their gorgeous products I obviously said yes!  I wasn't sure how to show these off on my blog and after photographing them on my bed, I decided to just photograph them on so you can see their full potential.

I hope these aren't too raunchy!!  Andrew got a little snap happy whilst taking these photographs (he loves them too) but we went for a voyeristic feel to make the pictures less revealing.

This set is the Lucie range in Champagne Coral - all of the Lucie range is available in bright neon shades (I'm also eyeing up their Spearmint set).  It retails for 55USD which works out to be around £33 for the two, which I think is pretty perfect for a gorgeous underwear set.

In terms of sizing, I went for XS (I'm a 32B & size 8 pants for reference) and they fit perfectly, so size down!  You can see the full range here.

I can't wait to build up my Triangl collection and might also invest in some bikini's of theirs too for the summer months!

What's your favourite underwear range?  What colour would you go for?


Saturday, 29 March 2014

Outfit of the day: Monochrome.

I dragged my gorgeous workmate, Fran, outside of our office whilst at work this week and asked her to take a few pictures of my outfit (thanks gurllll)!  I had a couple of meetings and so tried to dress a little more 'smart' than I usually do.

Leather jacket - Choies, White Top - H&M, Black Vest - Primark, Leggings - American Apparel, Boots - New Look, Three Zipper Bag - Nelly.

Most of my wardrobe is pretty much black, grey and white and so this outfit was easy to throw on and also super comfy (I'm definitely a comfort over style kinda girl).  I'm obsessed with this leather jacket from Choies at the moment - (available here).  It's perfect for dressing both up and down and also looks quite expensive when it was in fact only £27.

I threw it on top of a white long top and black vest (I love vests and layering) and with my American Apparel Shiny Black Leggings on bottom.  I purchased these as I wanted a pair of disco type pants without the tightness around the waist (surely not the only girl who feels like this) which I can throw on under any long top.  I adore them and practically live in them.  My boots are from New Look (available here) and they're ridiculously comfortable and are easy to walk in even with a bit of height.

Also want to mention my bag - I saw it on one of my favourite swedish fashion blogs and purchased it straight away.  It's compact and has three zip compartments which means I can find things easily.  I can just about fit my Acer Tablet in it too which means I can carry my books around with me. It was only around £27 too which I thought was pretty good - available here.

I've managed to make Fran agree to taking an outfit picture of me each week so I have many more of these type of posts coming up which I'm really excited about!

Do you prefer comfort or style?


Thursday, 27 March 2014

Mother's Day Gift Ideas!

I was asking the girls in the office this morning what they have got their Mum's for Mother's Day and I was left looking at a sea (okay a row) of worried faces.  So I've decided to put together a little Mother's Day Gift guide on some bits you could treat your Mum to on Sunday, if you've left it a little late!

Skin Doctors Instant Facelift: Now I'm not saying my Mum needs a facelift in any shape or form but she sometimes gets down about her appearance and she likes beauty products and so this is a smart little treat.  This is a serum which tightens, smooths and firms the skin in just 5 minutes, perfect for an alternative to drastic surgery measures.  This retails at around £30 which is pricey but if your mum is conscious about her wrinkles and wants them vanished then this is for her!  Available here!

Molton Brown Rhubarb & Rose Replenishing Hand Cream: Molton Brown is my mum's absolute favourite bath & body range - she adores the stuff and our bathroom is littered with it (it's the only soap we have in the house)!  They recently launched a brand new 'Rhubarb & Rose' range which is perfect for mums; smelling sweet and floral at the same time.  I'm hoping she'll keep this little beauty of a handcream in her bag to pamper her hands throughout the day. Available for £10 here.

The Body Shop LE English Dawn White Gardenia Range: My mum has definite favourite perfumes (whilst growing up it was Dior's Poison, and the last 10 years or so it has been Thierry Mugler's Angel) but I'm pushing her to try something new.  Enter this new Limited Edition range from The Body Shop. It contains notes of tuberose, bergamot, sandalwood and White Gardenia for a beautiful light, floral scent perfect for summer.  There's a body lotion, mist and EDT in the range which makes a lovely little set.  Plus TBS do gorgeous free gift wrapping ;)! Available here.

Extras: I've bought my bought a few other bits too (although I can't mention them now in case she reads this posts) but wine, flowers and charms for jewellery are always good calls - as is multiple cups of tea, breakfast in bed and a nice meal out to make her feel just as special as she is to me!

What are you getting your Mum this Mother's Day? Any beauty products?