Monday, 15 September 2014

My Pamper Night!

Working full time as well as juggling a blog, YouTube channel, social life and a relationship definitely takes its toll on me and so it's so important for me to fit in those pamper nights.

After a seriously hard couple of months (feeling emotionally and psychically strained) I'm starting to try and make more 'me-time' where I relax and pamper myself.  Here are the following things that are normally involved in my pamper night routine!

First step HAS to be a bath, without a doubt.  I can light some candles (currently adoring Aromatherapy Associate Inner Strength Candle which is great for helping to de-stress) add a couple of drops of essential oils into the bath and relax as I pamper and preen myself!  I like to start off with a hair mask & face mask whilst I buff my body with my Braun Silk Spa 7 which is an epilator and exfoliation system in one.  Giving your body a good scrub before epilating ensures dead skin cells are removed and also prevents ingrown hairs.  It can be used wet and dry all over the body which makes easy and convenient to use!

Next step is to epilate my legs and under arms.  I've mentioned before this is quite painful but the results are outstanding - anything which  means I don't have to shave my legs daily is incredible in my books.  Love this epilator in particular as it removes tiny hairs, has a light for precise use and has a pivoting head which makes it little less painful.

Now once my body is soft, clean and stubble free, I wash my hair properly and cleanse my face with the Braun Face. You can read about this in full in this post here but it’s perfect for thoroughly removing every bit of makeup and oil from the face.

Once out of the bath, I obviously dry my hair and usually put into a plait to style overnight (makes it incredibly wavy in the morning and absolutely effortlessly stylish).

Now ready for the final step!  I’m currently obsessed with Peppermint tea; I have one every night before bed as it helps settle my stomach and relax me (I have a really bad phobia of being ill so this helps silly amounts).  I then like to paint my nails (currently ADORE Max Factor’s polish in Ruby Fruit see above) and then finish by reading a book.  I’m currently reading ‘Dark Echo’ by F.G Cottam (review coming soon).

So that’s it!  Hope you enjoyed this post.  Remember you can watch Jessica Alba & Braun's Break Free campaign & join in the movement here!  
Just writing it before I put this into action tonight is making me relax! 

Do you have pamper nights?  What’s your pamper routine?


Thanks to Braun for sponsoring this post!  All opinions and thoughts are still my own.

Friday, 12 September 2014

FASHION: Floral Clash Lookbook

If you saw this outfit of the day, then you'll know that I recently filmed another little style lookbook based around the 'floral clash' theme.

2014 has seen me thoroughly embracing prints and colour into my wardrobe and so this perfectly sums up how I like to wear this trend.

Outfit #1

Floral headband:

Floral Bralet:

Floral Shorts:

White Strappy Heeled Sandals: 

Outfit #2

Green Open Back Playsuit:

Green Platform Shoes:

 Outfit #3

Cream Rose Playsuit:

Cream Platform Heels:

I love all the outfits in this video.  Most of them are from Missguided (an online brand I've been loving, all really affordable and great designs).

The video was filmed, edited and produced my Andrew - he even made the music for the video from scratch (majorly impressed and super lucky) so I really hope you like it.  I think it took 10 hours in total to create this so it'd mean the world to us if you 'liked' and subscribe to my channel!

We're in the midst of also discussing another 'couple's lookbook' so let us know if you would like to see another too!

Do you like the floral trend?  What's your favourite online store?


Wednesday, 10 September 2014

PERSONAL: Things that make me happy!

Following on from the really depressing last post of mine, I wanted to write a little list of things that really make me happy when I am feeling down.  These things might sound so silly but they really perk me up (I'm a weird one).

- Books.  I can't express how much I adore stories, and books are real escapism for me.  I constantly have a book on the go and the thought of getting into bed with one really cheers me up.
I have the following Morrissey quote tattooed on my back (pictured above) "There's more to life than books you know, but not much more", which sums me up perfectly and I sometimes believe it's true.

- A drop or two of sherry. I hope I don't sound like an alcoholic but whenever I feel really down, the thought of having a thimble of sherry with a book and lit candle excites me (I told you I was odd).

- This blog.  Although I put myself under way too much pressure to make great content that appeals to everyone, and find it hard to make time for,  I really treasure this little blog, and the thought of playing with makeup, putting my photography skillz to use and writing is very dear to me.

- Cuddles with the boy.  I have no idea how I managed to get this boy and I'm honestly shocked he hasn't left already, with my worrying and crying, but I love time with him, it's so precious and he is really the only one who knows how to cheer me up and make me laugh when I'm having a down moment. 
Time & hugs with my family also cheer me up big time.

- The thought of moving out and getting our very own place.  SO excited for this chapter of my life, I've been dreaming about it for so long now.  I can't wait to decorate my own home and have a space I can love and adore.

- Flowers.  I will never ever get bored of receiving flowers. They brighten up the room and me!  The feeling I get having some in my room make me ridiculously happy.

I think that's it for now.  The little things that make me happy. 

What little things make you happy?


Monday, 8 September 2014

PERSONAL: Feeling Down.

This is gonna be a different post today but I feel like I just needed to write it down (probably won't even publish).
I've been having a difficult time in the past couple of months.  I've always been prone to periods of melancholy but this one has been considerably worse and more difficult.

It's silly because I know I'm extremely lucky; I have a fantastic life with amazing friends and family but I just can't shake the worry, insecurities and constant sadness.  
I also feel like an absolute weirdo for feeling like this but then remind myself that I surely can't be the only one.  Even I admit to putting only the 'happy' things out there on social media rather than the low times (hell, everyone would rather see cupcakes on Instagram rather than a teary, mascara sodden face).

My 3 main issues are the ones I mentioned above.

worry about almost everything (trying not to generalise here) but my mind is in a constant state of worry - from whether I'll have enough time to wash my hair/blog when I get home, to my parents dying, Andrew leaving me, what people think of me, whether the ebola virus will wipe the universe etc.  Sometimes I can worry to the point where I become an absolute mess. I can fixate on one thing and my mind worries so much and blows it out of proportion.  If I could change one thing about myself it would be to worry less.

I'm sure all my friends see me as a confident little misses, but recently I've been SO insecure. Constantly comparing myself to others, wondering why other people are so happy when I'm not, again, worrying that I'll get hurt in my relationship because someone better & happier will come along.

And finally there are days that I feel so down and sad that I could cry at anything.  I will also admit to crying multiple times at work (poor colleagues) because anything will set me off.  I can't remember the last day that I didn't cry.

Another big part of my life is my phobia.  I've never really spoken about it in detail but my emetophobia controls certain situations of my life to the point where I miss out on things to avoid it.  I think I might do a video on my channel about this in detail because I always get the weirdest looks whenever I talk about this.

Now I hope on my journey to feeling a little better - I have a doctor appointment booked and will hopefully start some sort of therapy/CBT to help process & control my thoughts.  Until then, I guessed it's better to write things down rather than keeping them bottled, and maybe be able to talk to others who have also been through bad points.  If you have any tips on how to get out of a bad period then do let me know.


Sunday, 7 September 2014

REVIEW: Illamasqua Once Collection Swatches!

You know how excited I get when a new Illamasqua collection is launched, and their newest was no exception.  'Once' is their autumn range and it's perfectly suited for the season, with earthy tones and soft textures, the products are beautiful and I'm very happy to review them for you today!

Vintage Metallix: 
This is a brand new product launched especially for the range.; little pots of metallic pigment with a creamy-gel like texture which applies so smoothly.
Courtier is named a 'vintage nude' which makes a lovely natural base on all skin types.  Embellish is a warm brown and Bibelot is a moss-green, all of which have a gorgeous rose gold shimmer running through them - perfectly antique and autumnal.

Sheer Lipgloss in Exquisite & Opulent: 
Both of these glosses can be used over the top of a lipstick or on their own to create gorgeous depth and shimmer.  Exquisite is described as a 'pink oyster' shade - a gorgeous pearly peach perfect for daily wear and Opulent is a 'rainbow beige', both iridescent to make your lips kissable.

Powder Blusher in Naked Rose: 
I am already so in love with this blusher and can't quite believe how I've gone so long without it.  Illamasqua blushers are extremely pigmented and so you only need a little to achieve the most gorgeous flush of colour on the cheeks.  Described as a 'neutral beige pink', this adds the most stunning natural blush onto my cheeks. Adore it.

Nail Varnish in Melange:
 I'll admit I'm not a big fan of green nail polish shades (unless their in the mint-shade-range) but this teal-gold two-tone it has going on is striking.  It reminds me of leaves turning golden in the autumn as it looks different in the light.

The Once range is available now in stores and online.  Are you eyeing any of it up?

Which is your favourite piece from this range?


Wednesday, 3 September 2014

LIFESTYLE & FASHION: Fusion Festival with Bose!

Last weekend I travelled down to Birmingham for Fusion Festival (my first festival of the year - wuutttt!).  Bose invited myself and a couple other bloggers down to celebrate the launch of their new Yozilla headphones & I  had such a good time I wanted to share the weekend with you!

After an easy train ride up from London with Andrew (complete with lots of tea & a mcdonalds breakfast) I met up with Steve & Jamell and we headed to the festival together. 

The festival was great fun.  Highlights of the day included; my chip & curry sauce butty (don't judge), Dizzee Rascal (we were all head bopping and rapping big time), Wilkinson had me dancing and I haven't heard girls scream as loud as when the Vamps came on, in a long time!

As part of Bose's new launch, we were also on the hunt for some inspiring festival fashion, so we encouraged the festival go-ers to tweet us their fashion selfies.  Steve, Jamell and I got together at several points throughout the day to pick out our favourite entries, which we then shortlisted and held a photo shoot to choose our winners who each received Bose headphones!

I must say, I left the festival feeling really fashion inspired. We choose out an incredibly stylish bunch of revellers who all rocked it and looked effortlessly cool.  The night before the festival I was actually googling 'festival fashion' as I had no idea what to wear in case of rain.  I stuck with leggings, boots, a peplum top, furry cardigan and a rainmac but after seeing so much style I'm definitely dressing up a little more for my next festival.
Also, can't quite believe how many compliments I've received on my Yozilla Mint Green headphones (you can see me wearing them above).  They are surprisingly comfortable, so stylish and they make music sound incredible.  Andrew (the boyf) has even started stealing them for his DJ sets!

Had a wonderful day, thanks to Bose for inviting us!

What's your go-to festival outfit?  Have you tried Bose headphones?

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Bose via Glam Media. The
opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Bose.

Monday, 1 September 2014

REVIEW: Braun World's 1st Cleansing Brush & Mini Epilator

Braun has just launched the world's first 2-in-1 facial device.  The nifty design consists of a facial epilator and cleansing brush in one.
I'm super lucky to be one of the first to review this today and so read about my thoughts below!

On first impressions this has been a really well thought out little device.  It comes with a makeup pouch & magnifying mirror (with an inbuilt light) which makes it perfect for travelling with if you use your cleansing brush daily.  It also has a little pink 'cap' for the epilating head keeping it clean and hygienic.

The Cleansing Facial Brush is lovely and an absolute joy to use.  I've never used one before (I know! I must be the only beauty blogger not to have tried one) but it makes my skin feel ridiculously soft and clean, getting rid of all imperfections.  I like to wet my face, add a drop of face wash onto the head of the brush and then power it up.  It boasts the fact that it works 6 times better than manual exfoliation which makes washing my face quick and precise.  They also recommend changing the brush every 3 months, and you can also change the rotation of which the brush spins to help cleanse hard to reach areas.

Now, onto the epilator!  I'll admit straight away that the fine hairs above my top lip & between my brows annoy the hell out of me and I've done all sorts to try and get rid of them.  I used to wax but as my skin is sensitive it used to flare up in pimples after reacting with the wax gel.  So I am SO happy I now have a product small and precise enough to get rid of those pesky hairs.  This epilator works 200 times faster than manual tweezing (so even though it's a little painful as you would expect it to be, it's quick and over before you know it).
It can also remove hair 4 times shorter than waxing which means you don't have those painful 'in between visits' hair growth.  Like the facial brush, you can rotate the direction of the epilator to remove all hair growth in whatever direction it grows and it is small enough to fit between my brows which is impressive.

This has become one of my go-to facial accessories.  It helps to achieve the perfect base for your favourite makeup look and break free from impurities.

Braun have recently launched their new Break Free Campaign (fronted by the gorgeous Jessica Alba), which encourages women to support eachother to break free from self doubt and feel their best.  I think this campaign is fantastic - women are often the first to judge each other and put each other down and so along with Braun's range of beauty tools and coming together, we can break free from imperfections together. You can watch the positivity chain and upload yours to join in the movement here -

The Braun Face retails at £69 from Boots!

Do you use a facial brush and epilator?  What are your thoughts?!


Please note this post is sponsored but all views and thoughts are my own!

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

REVIEW / SWATCHES: Urban Decay's Pulp Fiction Range!

I don't think I have seen a cooler makeup/film collaboration than this!  Pulp Fiction is a classic - I can still remember the first time I watched it.  Urban Decay have just launched the range, inspired by the femme female Mia Wallace.

Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Palette - Contains 5 eyeshadows in wearable netural tones to re-create Uma Thurman's sultry eye look. Righteous is a gorgeous matte cream shade making the perfect base.  Tyranny and Vengeance are lovely taupe and brown shades to contour your eye crease and finally Furious - a white satin with a shimmery sheen and Anger which is a matte black.  I used them all together to create the smokey look in the pictures above.

Mrs Wallace Revolution Lipstick - A gorgeous deep, blood red shade which will flatter and suit all skin tones.  I've also found that it's lovely to apply as it's pigmented and moisturising and is a bugger to get off the lips which means it stays on for hours!

Mrs Wallace 25/7 Glide-on Lip Pencil - This is designed to perfectly match the lipstick in the range except it's a matte (to stop the lipstick bleeding).

Gunmetal Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner - My first ever purchase from Urban Decay was their glitter eyeliners when I was 17, so they hold a special place in my heart!  This is a clear base containing black and silver sparkle, which means you need to build to get a good coverage. This looks lovely on top of black liner for a gothic feel and I'm honestly a little obsessed! (You can see the sparkle behind my lashes in the shot of my eyes).

Mrs Mia Wallace Nai Colour - A stunning deep red to match the lippie, but with a hint of shimmer. This reminds me of rubies.  Not a nail shade I would normally wear (I prefer them a bit on the brighter, orange side) but would look STUNNING on pale skin in the winter.

All in all, I love the range - the products are great quality and I also adore the packaging.  It's all been well thought out, from the quotes inside the packaging lids, to the skull on the nail polish bottle and the font!

The range is available from 1st September in the UK, online and in Debenhams & House of Fraser stores!

What do you think of the range?  Are you a Pulp Fiction Fan?