Friday, 26 September 2014

REVIEW: Zoella Beauty Range!

Something SO exciting on the blog today - my review of the brand new Zoella Beauty range which had it's launch party yesterday!  Upon news that YouTube sensation Zoe Sugg had a product range coming out, the internet went wild and so I'm very happy to show you them today.

Read on for pictures and a run down on the products!

The range is primarily all about body, pampering and delicious smells|!  It consists of a Blissful Body Mist, Creamy Madly Dreamy Body Lotion, Soak Opera Bath & Shower Cream, Fizz Bar, super cute Let's Glow Candle and two makeup/pencil bags.  The packaging of the whole range is so pretty making any bathroom or dressing table look super cute - with pastel shades, polka dots & Zoe's lovely handwritten logo.

The makeup bags are a great size, perfect for carrying your morning face or for if you're travelling.  The material is also wipeable (if you're prone to mess & spills like I am).  As well as the pink guinea pig bag above, there is also a blue one featuring her eyes.

The same fragrance runs throughout the range and I think it's lovely - very sweet and fruity, but not overpowering in any way.  It contains notes of strawberry, violet, jasmine, vanilla and gardenia which is light and a perfect pick me up fragrance.

Obviously Zoe had full control over the range, from the packaging, design, smells and products she wanted and this is an absolutely fantastic achievement - super proud of her and I can't wait to see what she does next!

The products will be out in Superdrug stores on Monday 29th September and online from today here!!

Will you be picking up some of these products?


Thursday, 25 September 2014

REVIEW: Hair Styles with Braun!

You guys know how lazy I can be sometimes with my hair.  I tend not to make that much effort, but since getting my hands on a few new beauty gadgets (and since having my hair trimmed and lightened) I've been loving paying my locks a bit more attention. 

After experimenting with their cleansing brush & hair removal range, I’ve also been trying out Braun's hair gadget selection and have put together a few easy looks perfect with these tools.

Satin Hair 7 Dryer:
I know what you're thinking - a hair dryer is a hair dryer, but this one is specifically designed to style your hair without the harm.  From the mesh at the back of the dryer (which prevents hair being sucked in & damaged) to the satin ion technology which helps to restore the moisture balance, this is a very well thought out dryer.  It is a little bulky than your average but worth it for healthy hair!

Satin Hair 7 Brush: 
A hair brush which smooths out frizz & adds shine whilst it detangles? YES PLEASE!  I love this revolutionary brush which, on the push of a button, releases 'ions' which work like a conditioner to tame frizz (also fantastic if your prone to static hair).  Available for £19.29 currently at Argos!

Satin Hair 7 with SensoCare Straighteners:  
Despite being a beauty blogger, I have never yet managed to nail the art of curling with hair straighteners… until now!  I can’t express how much I have loved using these – for starters there’s a little screen on top of the straighteners which allows you to set ‘hair profiles’ – you can choose your hair length, thickness, whether it’s natural or coloured and it will then heat up appropriately for your hair type.  You can also save those settings for your next use.  
I’ve never had that intractability with a hair tool before and I was super impressed.  It allows me to straighten and curl without burning or overheating.  Also, the rounded tongs make curling super easy as you can see in the images above.  I highly recommend!

What I Think:
To be completely honest I really didn’t realize how fab Braun are in their tools for women (and men).  With Jessica Alba now fronting their Break Free campaign (which you can watch here) which encourages women to be confident and break free for their imperfections, they are the first brand I'll be going to when I need a beauty tool.  

Do you own any Braun products?  What's your favourite easy hair style?


Thanks to Braun for sponsoring this post. As always my thoughts & opinions are my own!

Monday, 22 September 2014

OUTFIT OF THE DAY: Katie & Andrew Sin City Style

Last week it was Andrew's 26th birthday and so I treated him to a surprise birthday meal at super swanky restaurant Le Trois Garcon, followed by our favourite cocktails in Lounge Lover (both situated in Shoreditch).  Full blog post on the food & cocktails coming up, but first I wanted to share these pictures with you!

On our walk back to Old Street station we walked past The Griffin pub (which coincidentally sits opposite my work office) and we noticed it's either being shut down or refurbished as there were old chairs & tables outside.  As we were a little tipsy, we decided to have an impromptu photoshoot outside making full use of the props!

I absolutely LOVE these pictures!  They're a little grainy as we had to turn the ISO right up on my Canon 7D, but after a little bit of editing to make them brighter they have a Sin City feel to them which is very apt as both Andrew and I adore the films.

I wore a New Look lace playsuit (which my sister got me for my birthday), teamed with my favourite Boohoo boots and Choies coat.  Andrew wore River Island Shirt, Primark Trousers, Shirt & Tie and M&S Shoes.

We were both absolutely in fits of giggles whilst taking these and so I hope you find them amusing too!

Are you a fan of Sin City?  Want to see more couple's fashion posts?


Saturday, 20 September 2014

REVIEW: Benefit's Tinted Lip Balms & Swatches!

I can't leave the house without a bit of colour on my lips, and for the days that lipstick is a bit too much, I've been finding myself reaching for these babies - Benefit's new tinted lip balms.

Available in four shades, these lips balms are lovely and hydrating on the lips and also have a sheer pigment leaving just a hint of colour (if you have pale lips - those with pigmented lips may find the shades very slight).

My favourites are Cha Cha Balm - an mango shade and Posie Balm - a very pretty nude pink.  I also really like the fact that these shades match up with the Benefit Cheek Tints so if you're a fan of those of you can match your cheeks to your lips!

They are available for £14.50 from Benefit counters & online.

What's your favourite tinted lip balm?