Wednesday, 29 October 2014

REVIEW: French Pharmacy Skincare Favourites!

One thing I adore about France (along with their patisseries, moules et frites and beautiful homes with shutters) is their pharmacies and skincare brands!  Whenever I go to France I make sure to pop into at least one chemist to browse their skincare aisles.

I thought I'd write up a blog post featuring some of my favourite French Skincare products!

Avene Triacneal Cream -
My skin is being a nightmare at the moment and I'm really suffering from inflamed, angry under the skin blemishes that take ages to heal and fade.  Luckily I've added this to my regime and have been loving it.  It contains the ingredients to reduce inflammation, imperfections and Glycolic Acid to buff away dead skin.  I've been using this at night time underneath a moisturizing serum and spots have really started to fade now.

Avene Clearance Mask - 
You know I'm addicted to face masks at the moment and this is another I've been loving.  Again suited for acne-prone skin, this helps to reduce sebum and mattify the skin.  It's an odd formula containing small gritty bits which, after leaving on the skin for 5 minutes, you can rub in circular motions for extra exfoliation.  Just be sure to moisturize well after hand.

Bioderma Sensibo H20
I hardly need to write about how much I love Bioderma.  It's my go-to eye makeup remover for lazy days and I always stock up on this when I visit France.

Bioderma Sebium Matifying Fluid - 
For days when my skin feels particularly oily I wear this underneath my makeup.  It's a creamy gel texture which once applied, makes the perfect base for my foundation and instantly mattes my skin.

Eucerin - 
Eucerin is fast becoming one of my absolute favourite skincare brands.  Their products are easy to find in Boots stores, are great quality and leave my skin feeling happy.  I have a full blog post on my current skincare regime coming up so stay tuned to hear more about these products in more detail.

There we have it, some of my current French skincare favourites.  There are a couple I've missed out from the likes of Vichy & La Roche Posay so maybe I'll do a part #2 of this post!

Also, online beauty store currently have up to 1/3rd off all of their French Skincare Products until the end of October (HERE) so be sure to check that out if you like the sounds of any of the products mentioned here!

What are your favourite French Skincare Products?


Monday, 27 October 2014

REVIEW: Collection Mascara Comparison!

Along with foundation and skincare, I think mascara's are one of the beauty products which has taken me years to find my favourite.  I rarely buy the same mascara twice because there are SO many out there to choose from and because I'm always certain there will be a better one out there for me!

I've decided to start reviewing mascara's in bulk, by range, in an attempt to help some gals out there decide on what they think might work best for them!

First up, are 3 mascaras from Collection!

Super Size Fat Lash Mascara £2.99:
I had high hopes for this baby but it was honestly my least favourite of the three.  I felt it was really difficult to build up a good coating, despite having a big fat brush and it instead just really separated my lashes and combed them through.  Saying that, I know some mascara's take a while to dry out to a good formula but it was still my least fav.

Lengthening Mascara £3.99: 
This was my second favourite of the three and I think you can see in the middle image above, just how long it made my lashes.  It really promises to lengthen and it does just that, whilst coating a nice black shade on my lashes.

Big Fake Curves £4.99:
This came out trumps at #1!  I'll admit, the brush is whacky, big and a little messy due to it's shape, but I found it made my lashes look their best out of the three.  As I wear quite dark, heavy liner daily, I need a mascara which makes them stand out and this has the thickness to make them long and defined.  I did need to clean up after I use this though so have cotton buds at hand!

There we have it!  I hope you found this post helpful. This was the first time I had tried Collection Mascaras and for the price, I'm throughly impressed!  For under £5 is fantastic and I've found two new mascara's which I love!

What's your favourite highstreet mascara?  Have you tried a Collection Mascara before?


Saturday, 25 October 2014


Staying in a hotel overnight always feels like an absolute luxury to me - big beds, mini bars and room service - what's there not to love?

Last week Witch skincare invited me for dinner and an overnight stay at the brand new Mondrian hotel to celebrate their newest campaign #SwitchToWitch and I took my camera along to photograph the evening!

After arriving at the swanky new hotel on the thames, I checked into my room to find Witch products dotted around, as well as a personalised PJ set which I absolutely love.  I trotted down to dinner with some of my fav bloggers including Lily, Victoria, Leanne & Niomi for a delicious 3 course meal of scallops, lamb wellington & apple pie.
We had the chance to talk to Dermatologist Dr Justine Hextall who explained that skin looks & feels it's worst during the winter compared to any other seasons, which is why we need to switch up our skincare regimes to accommodate this.

After dinner Andrew joined me and we rushed back up to my room to have a pamper!  I changed straight into my pyjamas and used the Gentle Exfoliating Face Wash to take my makeup off,  followed by the Witch Hazel Bursting Beads Wash as I really wanted to try it after hearing such good things at dinner.

I finished with some moisturiser, ordered a peppermint tea and climbed into bed.  #SwitchToWitch is a nice little campaign reminding us to look after our skin all year round and I've now added some Witch products into my daily routine - my favourite is currently the Mattifying Moisturizer (with SPF15) which makes the perfect base for my makeup.

Big thanks to Witch for the evening - I felt like a princess.

Do you switch your skincare regime in the winter? Have you tried Witch products?


Monday, 20 October 2014

REVIEW: Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Palette Swatches!



If you're a cool-toned, pale gal like myself or enjoy natural taupe eye looks, Naked Basics 2 would be great for you.  It contains 6 neutral shades, most of which are matte apart from Skimp which has a slight shimmer, which work beautifully together to create an easy to wear nude look.

I've been using this daily for the past couple of weeks, with Skimp as a base, Primal into the crease of my eye, Undone smoked out in the outer corner and when a mix of Cover, Primal & Undone under my lower lash line for my signature sultry come-to-bed eyes (lolz).

I love the packaging of this palette, it's sturdy, small enough to fit in my makeup bag, has a good size mirror for applying makeup and perfect for travelling with.  It retails at £22 and I'm now lusting after the original Naked Basics palette as I haven't tried that yet!  Maybe if I do get it I'll do a comparison for you!

Are you a fan of neutral shadow palettes?  Have you got the original Naked Basics?