Saturday, 29 August 2015

LIFE: V Festival

So last weekend I did something COMPLETELY out of my comfort zone and camped at my very first festival.  Don't get me wrong, I love festivals, I love the atmosphere, the music, the fashion, but the thought of camping got me really worked up!  As some of you know I have/had quite an intense phobia of people being sick - I've now finished treatment (CBT) for it and feel much better about it now but all I imagined when camping at a festival was people being sick all over the place 24/7.

I have ALWAYS wanted to go camping - I do see myself as a little adventurer & explorer and so I sucked my worries up and said yes to this opportunity and... I loved it!

Sure invited Andrew and myself along for the weekend - they had their own arena there which boasted some incredible acts, and also challenged me to try out their new deodorant - they've created Motionsense freshness technology, which is in fact the world's first antiperspirant that is activated directly by movement, so basically, the more you move, the more it protects.  They armed with me a fitbit to track how much I moved and off I went!

The first challenge was setting up the tent.  Andrew's parents bought me it for my birthday (they're possibly the most active family I've ever met and love camping so it was very apt).  They advised us to practise setting the tent up BEFORE we got to the campsite and also gave us words of wisdom saying 'a couple who can set up a tent together without arguing, are destined to be together for life'.  Luckily, Andrew and I are pretty much soul-mates and great team players and we set up the tent in 20 minutes, without one bicker, despite not practising beforehand.

The festival itself was so much fun - it really felt like a mini holiday.  We lapped up the sun (it was 30 degrees on Saturday), we danced the nights away to music (Tom Jones, Nero, Pendulum, Marina & The Diamonds and Calvin Harris were all big highlights), we met up with my friends (Lily & Dal), ate the festival food (which was, in all honesty, quite vile!) and I loved every minute of it, even the camping - I'm glad to let you know that there was no 'vomming' and I saw no one being sick.

I also wanted to give a low down of the products I could not have lived without:

Tangle Teezer: My hair was as matted as dreadlocks within 4 hours of being there and this really saved the days!
Antibac: Again, lifesaver - I used this SO much.
Simple Micellar Water Wipes: Being without water for 3 days was tough but these made removing makeup really easy & left me feeling really fresh.  I also took a pack of babywipes for other areas which also worked a treat.
Earplugs: Festival campsites really are really noisy. Enough said.
COlab Dry Shampoo: Couldn't live without this stuff.
Sure Deod: I am super impressed with this deodorant.  I used it on the morning we arrived and didn't really think about it for the rest of the day until I realised I had walked 25,000 steps in 30 degree heat and still felt as fresh as a daisy.  If that's not saying something, I don't know what will.  I would really recommend this to people who are very active and need something to protect keep them fresh all day.
All in all, according to my FitBit I walked almost 45,000 steps (WOW) and didn't sweat an inch.
BIG THUMBS UP from me.

I absolutely loved my first camping experience (at the age of 27) and now I absolutely can't wait to do it again.  I also want to say thank you to V Festival - the security in our campsite was just perfect and made me feel really at ease.  All members of staff were lovely and it's a weekend I'll remember forever!

Have you ever camped at a festival? Tell me your stories!


Thursday, 27 August 2015

SEVENTEEN: Favourite products & Blogger Network!

SEVENTEEN is a brand I've spoken about countless times on this little online platform of mine.  I find their products are such great quality and for such an affordable price which puts them up there on my top 5 high-street makeup brands list.  Excitingly, I'm about to partner with them on a project I think you girls & fellow bloggers will be very interested in...

This week they are launching their very own Blogger Network - a place for bloggers to access exclusive content to help inspire blog posts, allow you to be the first to see new product launches and also a place to share your blog posts to reach a wider audience.

I'll be creating a series of exclusive blog posts over on the network ranging from -

  • Blogger Organisation tips, 
  • How Best to Light & Photograph Beauty Products, 
  • to my Favourite Products for creating on trend looks for this season (think a/w looks and graphic eyeliner all with purse & budget friendly products).

I also want to talk about some SEVENTEEN products I think need more recognition - their Skin WOW! Highlighter is insane - a beautiful shimmery liquid which creates the most stunning dewy look as well as their Define & Conquer Contour Kit which has become a must-have product in my makeup bag.  I've also fallen head over heels for their Falsifeye HD Mascara - I'll be talking more about all of these over on the Blogger Network.

If you want to join me in the new Blogger Network community all you have to do is sign up here!  I'm really looking forward to chatting and sharing some of my top tips over there with you!


Have you tried SEVENTEEN products?  What's been your favourite?


Monday, 24 August 2015


I have always been one to favour comfort over fashion and that has meant that over the years I have always picked out leggings to wear rather than denim.

However this all changed recently when I discovered Hollister's denim range...

I have now fallen head over heels for the brand (and might have accidentally picked up 3 more pairs of jeans on a recent visit to their store!).  First up - these jeans are INSANE, they are the comfiest pair of bottoms I have ever had the pleasure of wearing, so comfy in fact that I can actually lunge in them (as demonstrated beautifully above, I think you'll agree? ha!).

Not only that but they also stock the most perfect tops to pair up with your choice of denim.  I picked up quite a few, including this simple white slogan tee which is again, super soft and comfortable, to make a casual look.

I'll admit I also splurged on a few more tops including a shirt, a blouse & a jacket; I found that every item in store compliments each other perfectly and so with the pieces I picked out I can also put together a smart look and a festival look (which you'll be seeing on the blog soon too).  I highly recommend visiting a store to see which looks you can put together too.

TL;DR: Found the comfiest outfit ever, don't be jel!
+Hollister Co.

Have you tried Hollister's denim range?

Thanks for Hollister for collaborating with me on this post and for introducing me to my new favs! 

Wednesday, 19 August 2015


You can never predict summer weather in London and so it's good to have a good variety of clothing options to chuck on in case of sudden downpour!

I chucked this outfit on last week for a cheeky Nandos dinner trip when East London was feeling very wet & sorry for itself!  I am obsessed with my new denim jacket from Boohoo (available here).  I think I've got it in a size 10 which is perfect as it's already slightly oversized meaning I can fit on mutiple layers & a hoodie underneath.I teamed it with a lace top to add a bit of femininity to the look (New Look), a black hoodie (Primark) and my favourite skinny jeans (Topshop).

Looking at these pictures also makes me realise just how much weight I've put on recently too - I have my mother to thank for the family curse of big thighs so I really need to get my ass in gear and start working out on a daily basis. Anyway...

I'm debating whether or not to take this jacket to V Festival this weekend or just stick with a trusty rain mac instead?  It'll be my first ever camping experience and in all honesty I'm petrified - of drunk people, having to walk past mountains of vomit (are festival camps like that?), having things stolen and not getting any sleep.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

Have you got any festival camping tips?

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