Thursday, 5 March 2015

Map Laptop & Phone Cases!

I have a very big obsession with maps.  I find them SO aesthetically pleasing and so since moving into my new flat I seem to have acquired a very big collection of 'map items'.  Two of my most recent and favourites are my laptop and phone cases!

I bought these from Case App and designed them myself using a map picture I found online!

The laptop skin cost £22 and is a thick sticker which you can stick directly on to your laptop.  They cater for a full range of laptop designs and sizes, as well as ipads and full range of phones.  For my phone I opted for a case (rather than a skin as I wanted some added protection for my phone).  It cost £19 to design my iPhone 5C.

I've had these for around 3 months now and neither my laptop or phone cases are dented in any way (despite dropping my phone a handful of times)!

I really recommend Case App if you do want to design your own cases - they also have a full range of pre-made designs that you can choose from too!  Let me know if you get some!

Where do you buy your phone cases from?


Sunday, 1 March 2015


I recently decided that I wanted to lighten up the ends of my hair to a white shade to spruce up my locks which were looking dull and lank and also to make experimenting with colours easier.

After a little failed mission of bleaching my ends at home that left my hair ginger, I booked myself straight into Taylor Taylor, Notting Hill to give my hair a new lease of life!

I booked my appointment with Samantha Cusick who is Tanya Burr's hair stylist - she's a babe and an absolute balayage genius!  She used the technique to really help lighten my ends but to also blend the highlights into my natural hair colour so my roots look naturally sunkissed & will grow out easily.

After bleaching and highlighting she used a toner to pull out some really gorgeous pearly tones in my hair and then used a Brazilian Blowout product to really help smooth the cuticles of my ends and leave me with glossy, soft hair.

I'm absolutely over the moon with my new locks.  Hair salons for me are normally catastrophic and always end in tears but I literally couldn't be happier with the whole experience and the end result. The salon itself are lovely, the staff were so accommodating and friendly and the cocktails served were the cherry on top!

Big thanks to Sam & Taylor Taylor for my new hair!

Have you ever visited Taylor Taylor?


Wednesday, 25 February 2015

REVIEW: Chanel Coromandel Fragrance

When my office was based in Covent Garden I used to occasionally pop into the Chanel store just to swatch the gorgeous makeup and bask in the luxurious atmosphere.
On one visit, my workmate Lucy & I ended up spritzing lots of their fragrances from the Les Exclusifs range and I ended up spraying Coromandel onto a fragrance paper and keeping it in my coat pocket.  For days and weeks after, every time I popped my hand into that pocket, I had a sniff of the card and ended up falling in love with this fragrance.

Now this baby is quite expensive and for years I succumbed to the fact that I'd never be able to own or afford it myself, that was until I hinted at Andrew that I just love the smell and he bought me it for Christmas!

Coromandel is described as a rich woody, oriental fragrance which on first spritz smells quite citrus-y and powdery, however this shortly disappears making way to a divine vanilla, amber musk & patchouli.  Finally it changes once more to a deep musky scent with hints of pepper, chocolate and frankincense, which lasts all day on my skin.

To me this fragrance is timeless and an absolute classic, but not in the Chanel No5 way (that is way too musky and mature for me, gives me a headache).  It makes me feel powerful and confident.  It's also been said to have the best longevity out of all the 6 fragrances in the Chanel Les Exclusifs range which is perfect as a little goes a very long way.  I've worn this around 30 times since receiving it and it's hardly made a dent in the bottle (fab because of the cost).

I should also say that probably not everyone will love Coromandel.  My sister commented once that I smelt like an old lady when I was wearing this, as is it quite heavy on the incense and patchouli, but I just think it's a masterpiece and love the fact that it's like no fragrance I've ever smelt before (I also know that wearing this, I won't smell like a thousand other woman out on the street!).

The Chanel Les Exclusifs range is available only in the Covent Garden Boutique and in Selfridges London!  Have a sniff if you can!

What's your favourite Chanel fragrance?



Wednesday, 18 February 2015

STORAGE: How I Store My Makeup Brushes!

I'm a complete sucker for makeup storage and spying on how other girls like to display their products, and since setting up my very own makeup desk I thought I'd start sharing how I store mine!

I'm going to be filming a complete makeup storage video for my YouTube channel, but before that I thought I'd give you a quick sneak peek on how I store my brushes!

First up are the white Ikea Skurar Plant Pots (link) which are just the perfect size for storing large brushes!  I think I have 4 of these at home and none of them are used to store an actual plant, ha!  I use two of these to store my foundation, base, blush & powder brushes, of which I know I have too many but I love them too much to get rid of!  I've sorted them into one containing my favourite most used, and the other contains base products I like but don't reach for as much.

Next up is my Camera Lens Cup (link) which was a gift to me from my parents a couple of years ago.  I had one cup of tea in it, decided tea tastes better in an actual mug rather than plastic and have been using it as a brush holder ever since!  I use this to store all of my favourite eyeshadow fluffy blending brushes as I am always using these to blend and need them to be easily accessible.

I use an empty Space NK Candle Jar to store all of my other miscellaneous brushes; flat eyeshadow brushes, liner, brow, lip brushes etc!  I love using old candle jars to store brushes as they are the perfect shape (height and width) so don't throw them out girls!

Finally I picked up this Marble Mug (link) from H&M Home last month which I adore!!  I have a full blog post coming up on what else I picked up from H&M Home but until then, I like to use this to store my favourite small face brushes which I use to blend concealer and lightly apply powder.

So there we have it!  Stay tuned for full makeup storage pictures & video soon.

How do you store your makeup brushes?


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