Tuesday, 2 February 2016

REVIEW + SWATCHES: Sleek Makeup VIP Lipsticks!

If you have read my blog for a while you'll know that my all time favourite lipstick is called Barely There by Sleek MakeUP!  It's honestly been my number #1 lipstick for the past 4 years - I wear it everyday and have got through 4 tubes or so of it (always with 2 back ups just in case)!

Sleek's lipsticks are just fantastic so when I heard they were launching a new lipstick range I was very excited to get my hands on them!

L-R: Reserved (sweet Candy Pink), Private Booth (classic nude), Guest List (bright coral), Backstage (warm coral pink), Flaunt It (bold orange), Night Spot (Hollywood Red)

The VIP Lipstick range consists of 6 lippies which are all highly pigmented, creamy, moisturising and so easy to wear.  The shade range is near perfect in my opinion consisting of a nude, pinks and a selection of reds (I'd like to see some more nudes, peaches and darker shades in the future).

My favourite is obviously Private Booth which is almost identical to Barely There (perhaps a bit more brown toned).  It's the perfect nude which I think will be a best seller.  I also adore Flaunt It (reminds me of my favourite red lipstick, Mac's Morange).

These will retail for £5.49 which is a fantastic price point as they are of such a high quality.  I'm really excited to see if Sleek expand this range but at the same time I'm praying they don't discontinue my fav!  I highly recommend these - if you try them let me know what you think!

Which of these is your favourite?


Sunday, 31 January 2016

REVIEW: Champney's Detox in a Box

January for many is a time to reinvigorate themselves from the inside, out!  This is the first year I've truly jumped on the 'detoxing in January' bandwagon (hey, I do have a wedding I need to start preparing for) and so I've been taking time to truly pamper myself & be the best person I can be.

It was perfect then, when Champneys got in touch and asked if I wanted to take part in their Detox in a Box Challenge; as well as trialling the products for a full week, I also had to eat clean and incorporate seaweed into my diet as it's a superfood and also one of the main ingredients in the product range!

The whole range has the most beautiful, refreshing scent which really reminds me of a spa; it feels like a little touch of luxury when I use them the morning.  I've been starting my day in the shower with the Champneys Detox Firming Shower Scrub, which really helps to wake up my body (and mind) - it's a detoxifying scrub which helps to remove surface impurities leaving my skin feeling really clean and soft.

Once out of the shower I follow this with the Firming Body Butter.  I'm normally quite lazy and always skip this step after washing but I've really been making an effort and it's paying off.  My skin feels nourished and smoother thanks to the sea minerals enriched in the butter.  This cream has such a gorgeous, thick consistency, which also does wonders for my dry skin (eczema patches) that I suffer with at this time of year.

  I really, really love the Hip & Thigh Firming Mask as it really feels like I'm undergoing a spa detox at home.  Simply smooth this over your hips and thighs, leave on for 10-20 minutes and then wash off in the shower (also using the massager in the kit if you want)!  This was designed to improve the look of cellulite around these problem areas to leave your skin feeling firmer and more toned so I'm going to keep up with this step with my fingers crossed!

I've also been trying to eat as clean as possible.  I normally skip breakfast (I know, I'm terrible), but I've been making a conscious effort to make myself a healthy smoothie with lots of fruit (and a teaspoon of dried seaweed for a little superfood kick).   I've also replaced fizzy drinks with green tea and I've been enjoying lots of sushi for lunch, which I love so much, it hardly feels like I'm eating well!

The Champneys Detox-in-a-Box is currently available for £19.50 (normal price is £30) at Champneys Spas!  

Have you ever used Champneys products?


Thanks to Champneys for sponsoring this post, as usual all thoughts and opinions are my own!

Monday, 25 January 2016

REVIEW: Benefit Brow Product Reviews!

I'm ALL about the brows at the moment so I wanted to do a mini review of all the products currently available from Benefit to help nail that perfectly groomed look!

High Brow & High Brow Glow
These beauties are must haves in my makeup bag.  They are chunky pencils which can be used to highlight underneath the brow bone to really enhance your brow shape and add dimension.  High Brow Glow is my favourite as it's a beautiful gold shimmer shade, where as the original High Brow is just a very pale pink hue which is more natural and brightening.  These can also both be used to highlight the inner corner of your eye too!

Speed Brow
This is a quick setting brow gel with a really natural, sheer tint which can be used to sweep through your brows to set in place all day.  Perfect to use if you like a natural looking brow, or fab for using to set in place after filling in with powder or pencil.

Gimmie Brow
This is a wonder product which I adore - it makes fuller looking brows really easy and effortless.  It's a brush on coloured gel with 'fibres' which adhere to hair to give the impression of fuller brows.  This comes in two shades; I use the darker one which works perfectly with my brows - super easy to use!

Instant Brow Pencil
I really love this brow pencil as it's soft, creamy and glides onto the brows for a natural, fuller look.  It's pencil is a combination of wax and powder which means it looks very natural and it also contains a spoolie on the other end which makes taming brows a lot easier!

Brow Zing
I don't actually use this one as the colours are a little too warm for my brows, but one of my besties swears by this little box.  It contains a powder shadow, a tinted wax and mini tweezers and brushes to help achieve perfect brows.  

All of these are available from Benefit counters/stores and online!  

Do you use any of these Benefit Brow Products?


Thursday, 21 January 2016

WEDDING: My Favourite London Venues!

I'm gonna be honest -  searching for my wedding venue was one of the most stressful things I've ever done!  There were so many factors to think about whilst scrowling the net for the perfect space - the price, how many people it could hold, the location, if it was near a church, what caterers they allowed, what accommodation was near by and most importantly whether the feel of the venue fits your ideal!

Now I was lucky enough to find my ultimate dream wedding venue really quickly but that doesn't mean it wasn't a hard decision or that it wasn't stressful... (I talk about this in depth in my wedding planning video that's going live on my YouTube channel this weekend)!

I'm not yet going to announce the venue we've booked so instead I thought I'd show you my other 'dream' venues which were really high contenders in my venue search!

1) Wiltons Music Hall
Wilton's is one of the oldest surviving music halls in the world (don't you just love it already?) and I've been to see a couple of theatre performances here too so when I found out they also hold weddings it became my top contender!  I love how it can be decorated with fairy lights, also has a cocktail bar and study room and it's also really near my home in East London.

However, as it's a theatre and has events on most days, they only release a select number of dates for weddings and private parties in any year which makes booking a nightmare (they only released 23 dates in the whole year of 2016).  If you manage it then I'd love to see some pictures as it's so dreamy!

2) Asylum Peckham
I have loved this venue for SO many years (way before I even met Andrew).  It's an old converted chapel space which can be hired out for photoshoots, exhibitions and weddings etc.  It's perfectly shabby chic which old walls, stained glass windows and looks so beautiful filled with candles. 
However, as of this year they now only accomodate for wedding ceremonies (as opposed to the meal and party also) which means it was a no go for us as we wanted to get married in an actual church.  Still, it's beautiful and I'd love to use this space somehow one day!

3) MC Motors
You may recognise this space as it's a warehouse in London often used for tv/photoshoots!   I love the textured, decrepit walls, the props available, the skylighted roof and the fact that it has so, so much character.  The company that own this event space (Castle Gibson) also own The Depository (also can be used for weddings but a little smaller) is also known as the Dragon's Den studio!

I really adore the above venues so if I've helped anyone find their dream venue too then do let me know!

I also have my Wedding Planning Update video going live on my YouTube channel this weekend where I explain exactly where we've got to on planning so far so if you're curious to hear more then subscribe to be kept up to date!

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